goddess-complex said: that is such a good idea CHALLENGE ACCEPTED

Sad that creating the actual language is the easy part. Getting everyone to speak it is a whole other problem hahah.

anatomoyo said: That language exist?

Well, there are actually a number of constructed languages that exist. Esperanto, as some of the others have mentioned.

Also, Klingon is a full language. One I fully intend to learn someday.

So I can read Hamlet in the original Klingon.

That’s really the only reason.

It’s gonna be epic.

azzydarling said: Well there’s esperanto, exept no one speaks it. hahaha

HEY. There might be. Like. A maximum of 2mil people speaking it. That’s…. someone. *sigh*

It sadly won’t happen unless there’s a need for it, and any dominant culture so far in history hasn’t exactly been willing to forefiet their own language in favor of a constructed one. Oh well. Someday it will happen.

fun-n-fashion said: adding to what the other person said: William Shatner once did a movie entirely in Esperanto (Incubus, 1966). It was a pretty terrible movie but it was interesting how much of the actual dialogue I understood without the subtitles.

I’m nerding on the wikipedia page about it right now and apparently “The phonology, grammar, vocabulary, and semantics are based on the Indo-European languages spoken in Europe.” so that would make sense. It would be interesting to watch!

Anonymous asked: are you fucking serious. language is what makes us diverse. it's like this for a reason. just learn the other languages. are you saying this shit bc you actually believe it? or are you just trying to get a rise out of people?

Yeahhhhh….. Pretty sure it’s a lot more than language that makes us diverse. But even still, you clearly don’t know me if you don’t know that I think language is fuckin’ amazing and endlessly fascinating. I dabble in languages whenever I have the time. I will definitely be learning Italian and Mandarin once I’m done with grad school since I like them both a lot.

I think you’re being pretty absurd to interpret what I’m saying in some sort of ‘erase all languages, assert uniform’ nonsense. I do tend to say exactly what I mean (albeit with heavy sarcasm at times) so please, don’t put words in my mouth. That tends to piss me the fuck off.

What I said was specifically involving a complaint that the most wide-spread international-common language, which is currently English, is a shitty language that is hard for people to learn and also limits native speakers who try to learn other languages. And it sucks that English is the ‘top’ language because it’s dumb. Wouldn’t it be better to have a universal ‘top’ language than a shitty dominant one?

Why was I thinking this? Because I was watching a Korean TV show, and learning more about the language on wikipedia because I was curious, and noticed a statistic that said that it would take an English-speaker 63 intensive weeks of training to learn Korean, and that it’s particularly hard for English-speakers. Which is not uncommon because it’s hard for us to learn anyfuckinthing that isn’t a close linguistic cousin. And that’s lame.

Take a fucking chill pill.

english is such a stupid language. Seriously why can’t we use a universal language yet that takes the best linguistic features from everywhere? Ugh…




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I really like Korean tv shows but sometimes I REALLY DON’T UNDERSTAND THEIR PERSPECTIVES ON RELATIONSHIPS. That’s cool tho. I like not understanding. It means I might learn stuff.


Just finished translating chapter 5 of Stiles’s Story Time YAAAAAYYY! (Only 11 to go now YAAAAAYYY.. XD)


scarlettshazam said: Saaaaame. I always say “with legs criss-crossed” and “muscle shirt”

Yeah, I mean, cross-legged, and tank-top, or the ones you said, perfectly good alternatives to really offensive phrases that have slipped into ‘harmless’ everyday usage. Like, why would you ever use the gross ones again everrrrrr?

twitching awkwardly whenever someone uses the phrase ‘sitting indian style’ in fic