I want an AU where Derek is a classically trained ballet dancer. For a number of years the star attraction of a ballet company.  But now, though he still performs for certain lead roles, he mostly teaches at the Hale Dance Conservatory…along with his sister, Laura (who runs the company and teaches but no longer performs after a bad fall) and his uncle Peter, who used to be a famous performer (but is now growing steadily more creepy and melodramatic which is part of why Derek must spend more time there, but is still a great choreographer). With star students Lydia and the up and coming Cora.

But because the economy is bad and the arts suffer first when people tighten their belts, Laura must make some changes for the company to survive. Since ballet isn’t exactly in fashion, Laura decides they need a change. Despite Derek’s strenuous objections, Laura decides to hire a new instructor to spice up the place - enter Stiles, a contemporary dancer with some hip-hop skills and his partner Erica, a seriously good krumper etc.

At first Derek refuses to see the appeal, making life difficult for the newcomers at every turn. He refuses any of Stiles or Erica’s overtures of friendship, unimpressed by what he (and creepy uncle Peter (though Peter of course is more than happy to creep on the newcomers)) considers to be inferior dance forms - The Hale Dance Conservatory has always been classical ballet. Always.

Eventually, frustrated, Stiles make him a bet: Derek will try Stiles and Erica’s hip-hop class - and if he hates it, Stiles will attend and suffer through Derek’s notoriously brutal advanced ballet technique classes.

Derek does hate the class, but mostly because it’s embarrassing that it’s difficult for him. So maybe Stiles suggests some private lessons (with plenty of innuendo) till he gets the hang of this whole hip-hop thing before doing it in public again. Derek would refuse, thinking Stiles was mocking him. But when Stiles makes it through his ballet class astonishingly well, and still flirts shamelessly with Derek after class after insisting they get coffee to settle their bet, he reconsiders Stiles’s offer.

So Stiles teaches him to loosen up and dance with freedom, and he discovers something he’d been missing from dance for a while now; passion.

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